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Poetry Corner by Ms. Mcardle's Class

I Am From Poem 



I am from the building blocks and coloring books. 

I am from the cold tile, the fuzzy rug that felt like a dog's fur, and the large brown sofa.

 I am from the schinus molle tree, whose silky long hair reminds me of my own.

I'm from making tamales with my grandma and making chile Rellenos. 

From Tia Judy and my Dad.

 I'm from the tough and caring to the loving and understanding.

 From “go to bed or the cucuy is going to get you!” and the “don’t talk to strangers”

 I'm from Durango, Mexico, Escuintla, Guatemala, and La Capital, San Salvador.


 I am from the fresh tamales and the sour but sweet tamarind candy balls my great-grandma would bring me.

 From the stories, my grandma tells me when she was younger about how she grew up and what she did for fun, which felt like I went into a portal back in time.

I am from my loving and amazing grandma Alba. 

She is the one who teaches me how to cook and sew just like how her grandmother taught her. 

I am from the amazing meals she cooks on a daily basis. 


I am from looking at my great grandparent’s pictures every day 

and from the old pictures of my aunt and dad. 

From the pictures of my family on the piano 

and the picture of my great-grandma on the wall. 

It is important to my family because it shows where I came from and how my ancestors looked.

I am from my caring family and my mixed background.




 I am From




I am from piles of clothes on the floor and sleeping in until 12pm,

From lipstick stained around my mouth and different colored eyeshadow on my eyelids,

I am from swimming in the pool ,

and running to catch the ice cream truck,

I am from the giant tree I see when I drive in a busy street.

Whose hair falls in the Fall but grows in the Summer,

I am from stuffed animals on my bed and a Tinkerbell themed room,

from Heidy Lopez and Heriberto Gaxiola Castro,

and from singing our hearts out to our favorite song and going to vacation on summer break ,

from eating our favorite eggs in the morning,

I am from opening presents at 12am on Christmas,

From eating Pozole and Tamales ,

from seeing pictures of my great grandma when she was younger,

and from going to visit my great grandma’s house in Mexico,

Playing with teddy bears,

I am from the moments…



 “ I am From” 

By Jose Esqueda- Martinez



I am from the leather couch in the living room


From trips on planes every summer and from clay cups


I am from the house with a guava tree


And from rose bushes sticking out of the gate


I am from oregano plants and rosemary bushes in the garden


Whose leaves  looked like they were always getting picked on


I am from my old bed and my old backyard


From Pepito and my grandparents


And from being kind and knowing how to comfort people and make them laugh 


From not being that patient and not being picky but always being welcoming and friendly


I am from going to church on Sundays and celebrating my birthday, two times each birthday


From eating tamales on Christmas and pozoles on birthdays


From my first time going to Mexico and from having roots from a friendly small town, in a big part of Mexico


and from learning how to cook and from watching black and white movies with mariachi singers


I am from getting my face shoved in a cake and from my car toys that I used to play with


I am from the moments of going to family parties and celebrating events as a family

I am from the views of cities from a plane

I am from a hospital in Los Angeles but roots from Mexico

I am from celebrating my heritage

I am from pretending to be in an action movie when I am watching one

I am from going to Mexico in the summers


I am from being grateful for what I have and always celebrating my culture

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Thank you to all the teachers and students who participated in the Kaiser Educational Theater’s Virtual Presentation. Here are some of the resources shared at the assembly.


Teen Line:


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Aside from the outside resources listed below, you can always stop by the counseling office or speak to any of our amazing staff and teachers. We care!






Irving STEAM Magnet Spring Break 2022 Trip

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