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General Statement

The math department recognizes that not all students learn at the same pace; because of this, our forward thinking staff will give unlimited time for students to revise and resubmit their work for FULL credit.  Assignments will be accepted, graded, and returned to the student for revisions as many times as needed until the assignment is 100% complete.  Our goal is for students to learn content with mastery, leaving no gaps in a students skills.

Each student should be working on the following math items daily.  There is always something for them to work on or revise.

  • RCA (Required Course Assignments)

    • These are distributed in sets of four, once per week.  Generally, each RCA has 10 questions.  Once all ten questions are complete and 100% students will receive a stamp for that RCA on their stamp page.

  • Translations

    • In an effort to understand the language of mathematics; students are asked to either turn English phrases or sentences into mathematical symbols, or the opposite.

  • Story Problems

    • These are intense word problems.  Students should demonstrate understanding of the story in multiple different ways (a model, an equation, a table, etc.).  They will finalize each story problem with a well written complete sentence.

  • Quizzes

    • Quizzes are given once per week.  The quiz results are tallied and recorded for the math department.  In this manner we collect data on what students in each class need to know and have mastered.  Based on the quiz results the new RCA is devised.

    • Each quiz will need to be resubmitted (just like all other assignments) until it is 100% correct.

  • Class Work

    • This is where you will see variation between each math teacher's class.  Class work is created by the individual instructor, or sometimes department wide.  It is a required part of the class.

The math department policy is that all students will achieve to their maximum potential.  We do not accept failing grades!

8-B RCA Examples


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How to evaluate variable expression (given the value of the variables).


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