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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can my child take robotics as a 6th grader?

Yes!  We have a 1 year engineering course that includes an introductory to robotics.  The class is called Intro to Desn.


2.  Can my child join the Robotics Team once they enter Irving?

No, we have a one year prerequisite that all students must take (Intro to Desn or VexIQ/Flight & Space).  


3.  How can my child join the Robotics Team at Irving?

Step 1:  Enroll into either Intro to Desn or VexIQ/Flight & Space)

Step 2:  Fill out applications to join Advanced Robotics (2 Forms)

Step 3:  Get a recommendation from Mr. Valdez or Ms. Saracino.


4.  If my child took robotics at another school and competed already, can they join the team?

This is a case by case situation, contact Mr. Valdez for more information.


5.  Is there a fee for joining the Robotics Team?

No, all the equipment, the registration for the robots and tournaments are paid for by Irving.  But we are always accepting donations and looking for sponsors so I you know of any, please contact Mr. Roskam.  


6.  When are practices and are they mandatory in order to be on the team?

No practices, we have designed the robotics program so that students will do everything during class time.  Students are also welcome to come in during lunch for extra practice time. 


7.  What are the time commitments for the Robotics Team?

If a student is on a J.V. Team, they usually have 1 tournament per month and these are always on a Saturday.  Make sure you have the entire day available.  Tournaments usually start 7am - 4pm.

If your child is on a Varsity Team, they usually have 2 tournaments a month.


8.  How long is the season for Robotics?

Season starts September and ends the next year in February.  If you qualify for a state, national, and/or world championship your season will continue until April.


9.  Do I have to drive my child to the tournaments?

Yes, for the most part a parent/guardian must drive or arrange transportation for their child.  Tournaments are usually within 60 miles from Irving.  In those tournaments that are further away, we provide a school bus for transportation.


 10.  How can parents best help the Robotics Team?

  • Make sure your child are meeting all the expectations for the team and in their academic classes.
  • Donate some time by chaperoning a tournament.
  • Spread the word out!  We are always looking for passionate students and sponsors.
  • Monetary donations are welcome, see Mr. Roskam for more information.

The History of IrvingBearBotiz Team 4863

The robotics program was founded in 2015 and began competing the same year.  The Team has won 3 straight CA State Championships and has competed in 4 straight 2016-2019.  All the success of the robotics team stems back to the philosophy of the Robotics Program, which is "WILL > SKILL."   We teach student's  habits that will make them successful in robotics or anything they put their mind to.

3 Peat as the Vex Robotics CA State Champions from 2016, 2017, 2018

3 Peat as the Vex Robotics CA State Champions from 2016, 2017, 2018

3rd Championship in a row, here at the bay area.

Kyle, Juan, Nolan, Ryan A, Ryan S, Patrick, Henry, Noa

Vex World Championships:  Team 4863 B and 4863 F

Ryan A., Patrick, Juan, Nolan, Asenat, April, Henry, Noa

U.S. Open Championships 2019_ Turning Point

1 Week before the 2020 State Championship, and then the Panemic happened.

Ryan, Chester, Luca, Damian, Luis, Victoria, Jocelyn, Elias, Evelina, Ford, Jocelyn

Krystal and Vanessa are founders of the Irving Rotics Program.  They competed in 3 state championships and 3 U.S. Open Championships.  Bringing home 2 CA State Championships.

Gustavo was one of the original founders of the Irving Robotics program, competiting in 3 State Championships and 3 State Championships.  He has brought 2 CA State Championships.  Along with David and 4863 F, they designed our top robot for the STARSTRUCK season.  Great Job!!


Tower Takeover at Miraleste 2020 _ 4863 H vs 4863 A for the championship


2016-17 Robotics Team Video


2016_Team 4863_Nothing but Net World Championships


2018_ World Championships Team 4863 F


2018_ World Championships Team 4863 B


2018_Team 4863 H wins first Tournament of Year_ Turning Point