8th Grade Formal Dress Code and Rules

Thank you for purchasing tickets to the 8th grade Formal on May 3, 2024 at 4:30pm. 

Tickets $10

Includes music, photos, and food.


For your enjoyment and safety, please follow the rules below.

No tickets will be available for purchase at the door. 

Doors open at 4:15pm

Voting will take place from 4:30pm-5:00pm

Students must arrive by 5pm. After 5pm admission will be allowed with a parent or guardian.

Food will be served from 5-6pm

Photographer on site from 5-6pm

Winners for Royal Court must be present at the dance to receive coronation.



Not too short (1 inch above the top of the knee)

Not too tight (clinging to the body)

Not too revealing (see through, low cleavage, low back line, crop tops, no full shear dresses, deep side cut outs, no excessive midriff showing or mesh which is too revealing)

If split - NO higher than 1 inch above the knee

If strapless - MUST fit securely 

No Excessive Cleavage

Formal Attire (tuxedo or suit) not required but allowed

NO OVERSIZE clothing.

Dress slacks or dark colored jeans, collared shirts and appropriate shoes (not sandals) are acceptable to the dance. Sport coats are not necessary.

No shorts, sagging pants or collarless shirts will be allowed.

Students will not be allowed to enter the dance if they are dressed inappropriately.

Jackets, sweaters, cardigans are allowed. Sweatshirts with hoodies are allowed, but must fit properly, cannot be oversized and hood may not be worn on school grounds for the safety of all students. 

Types of Acceptable pants/shorts: dress pants, denim, jeggings, chino pants, leggings are acceptable. No sweatpants or tights. 

All pants must remain at the waist without the use of a belt, and may not be more than one size too large (not oversized). No Baggy pants/shorts that are larger than the student’s actual waist measurement, or fall below the waistband of their undergarments on campus.

Ripped pants are not allowed, regardless of whether skin is exposed.

Belts cannot be oversized and hang down from belt loops, and belt buckles with initials are not allowed. 

Shorts, skirts, and dresses MUST be at least finger tip length. Shorts may not be worn in conjunction with high socks.

No bare midriffs. No low-cut or revealing tops. No “off-the-shoulder” blouses. No tank tops.

Clothing or insignias that are vulgar or profane, or that advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, gang affiliation, or the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol, are not permitted.

Graffiti, crew or vulgar/inappropriate language or symbols are not permitted 

Platform and open toed shoes, sandals or slippers are not permitted. 

Gauges with points, large hoop earrings (over 1 inch in diameter), pocket chains and any other jewelry that possess a potential hazard are not permitted.

Hats, bandanas, hair-nets, or any headgear may not be worn without administrative approval.

No Sports professional team attire unless approved by administration. 

Attire that may be used as a weapon such as spikes, chains, steel-toed boots, studs, are prohibited. 

Any clothing or accessories that are disruptive to the educational process are not permitted.

  • ALL dress code rules and regulations are applicable while students are on campus.